Bring your friend/family to CrossFit day on October 3rd at 9 am and 11 am.  You must sign up at the box as space is limited.  Member gets  prize for bringing a friend!  Friend gets a huge discount on October Bootcamp !!! $125     ONLY $100 for October!!!

Fun Partner workouts you can do with your friend!


The King of Crossfit – Greg Glassman

Interview in 60 Minutes

BOOTCAMP/ON ramp Program:    

M/W/F – 7 am – Starts  October 7th  

M/W/F – NOON!!! -Starts October 7th

M/W/F – 7:30 pm October 7th

T/T – 7:30 pm/Sat 10 am – October 6th



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Visiting from out of town?

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