Marta Blaze: Principal Coach and
Owner, Crossfit Pickering and Pilates Pickering

2010  –  Olympic Weighlifting –
“Competition Introduction” workshop, member of OWA
2009  –  Crossfit Kids certified
2008  –  Barbell Certified
2007  –  Certified Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
2002  –  Injuries, Special Populations and Functional
Anatomy Training

About me: First and foremost, I have a passion for
transforming the lives of my clients, physically and mentally. I am committed
to the success and vitality of my clients and I proudly call my clients
friends and even family.

I fell in love with Crossfit in the early spring of 2007 and by October of
2007, I was certified as a Level 1 trainer.  I have been working out
from an early age but nothing kicked my butt like Crossfit.  I know now,
why they say, “there is fit and then there is Crossfit”.  I’ve
always been strong and fit, biking everywhere from the time I was 13 years old
(I only learned to drive 4 years ago),  playing tennis, volleyball,  handball,
running and lifting weights. But I hit a wall. Bored. Not getting any new
results…Then I did my first workout of the Day (WOD).  It was Love!

I am also trained in rehab exercises that address a broad range of physical

I am able to customize a client’s workout to address particular
weaknesses, conditions, postural problems or injuries (shoulder problems,
neck and shoulder tension, hip, knee and ankle issues, back care,
fibromyalgia, arthritis, pre natal and post natal.)

I love what I do, I love that I am able to help people feel better, be
stronger, and feel like they are getting so much more than just a
workout.  I feel blessed to be where I am; loving life and having a


Dr. Tom Mackay: Crossfit

2010 – Olympic Weightlifting
2007 – Certified Crossfit Level 1
1993  – Doctor of


I have been involved in Sports and
Fitness since I was a child.  Competitive swimming, football, hockey, Aussie
rules football and waterpolo.  I have been going to the gym since high
school doing weight routines of various kinds.  After seeing the movie
“The 300” I looked into Crossfit, as it was the style of training
they used to get in such phenomenal shape.  The more I trained with Crossfit,
the more I was blown away by how efficient the training was, workouts taking
less than 30 mins and by how STRONG you can get.  I wasn’t this strong
when I was 20!!  Now I enjoy teaching others this training style so they
also can see the results I have.


Robert Cilia: Crossfit Coach
2010  – Olympic Weightlifting Seminar
2009  – Certified Crossfit Level I Trainer

I have been Crossfitting since
2008 and I absolutely love it. As a former client of Marta’s, she is truly
the reason that I am as fit as I am today. I was a varsity hockey player
throughout high school, who got extremely out of shape and overweight during
college. I then decided to shed those extra pounds and Crossfit has really
helped me stay in shape.

I love to lift heavy and work hard, and I consider myself to not only be a
coach but also a student of fitness. I am always learning new things and
adapting them to ensure that our clients receive the best workout tailored
for their specific needs. I consider myself to be a very hands on coach, who
can barely contain himself from participating while coaching!


Erika Streich: Crossfit

2010 – Certified Crossfit Level I
2010 – Olympic Weighlifting –
“Competition Introduction” workshop, member of OWA

My introduction to Crossfit
happened in 2009, where after seeing a few powerful snapshots of Crossfit
athletes doing workouts, I enrolled in a fundamentals course.  I was
looking for a challenge and some excitement that my gym at the time wasn’t
offering, and I sure found it at Crossfit.  Considering myself to be in
reasonably good shape I was completely humbled by from first Crossfit
WOD.  From day one I was hooked by the intensity of the gym, and
soon I was driven by my substantial gains in strength and speed, and my
transformation physically.  It seemed that everyone at the gym shared
these same successes, even though our ages and fitness backgrounds before Crossfit
were very different.  This spoke to the true scalability of this
training (in fact I started Crossfitting with two broken fingers from a
sports injury!) and that it could work for anyone who was committed!

Playing Aussie Rules Football, I noticed the benefits Crossfit gave me in
speed and body control on the field.  I am a die hard for the long
grueling WODs at the gym; as 40 minutes of football has nothing on 40 minutes
of box jumps and wall balls.  As a coach, I love introducing people to Crossfit
and encouraging them to do things they never have before like lifting a 
few hundred pounds off the floor or jumping on a box 2 feet off the
ground.  That is empowering! Crossfit is hard work, but this hard work
will change your life!


Brock Brown: Crossfit

2010 – Certified Crossfit Level I Trainer
2011 – Crossfit Mobility Seminar
2011 – Robb Wolf Paleo Diet Seminar

2012 – Olympic Weighlifting – NCCP “Competition Introduction” workshop, member of OWA
2013 – Standard First Aid with CPR A + AED

Crossfit found me in the winter of
2010 (Febuary). We desperately needed each other and it’s been true love ever

I came to Crossfit severely overweight and under fit, but with a lot of hard work;
I came out the other side with dramatically improved strength, endurance,
cardio, power, balance, and have never been fitter in my life. I truly
believe in the power of this fitness system. YOU CAN TOO!!!

I am committed to becoming a truly fit individual and helping others to bring
fitness and balance into their lives. I will compliment you, befriend you,
motivate you, coach you, punish you, yell at you, and do anything else that
you may need to get yourself into shape.

As a trainer, I seek to teach Crossfit and all its components to anyone who
is willing, but also to help build our community of like-minded individuals
who are also on that path to finding their peak physical fitness.


Danielle Dillon Pirrie:  Crossfit Coach

2012 – Olympic
Weighlifting – “Competition Introduction” workshop, member of OWA
2011  – Certified L1 Crossfit trainer
1999 –  BSc York University Kinesiology – Diploma
of Athletic Therapy

I have always been involved in
some sort of organized sport; rowing, volleyball, rugby, and thrived on the team
aspect of those sports. When I “retired” from competitive rugby, I continued
to go to the big box gyms to train because I still enjoyed the workouts, but
I really missed the team training. One day in 2009, I stumbled upon Crossfit
and attended a free class. I was hooked.

I love coaching Crossfit because I
am inspired by the athletes who come in to train. They make me want to be a
better coach. I enjoy the technicality of the Oly lifts, the shear power of
the deadlift, and the grace of the gymnastic moves.


Kristin McCallion: Crossfit Coach

2012 – Certified L1 Crossfit trainer


I am a recent graduate of Laurier
University with a major in Criminology and a minor in Health Studies. During
my time there I was a Fitness Instructor, a Fitness Coordinator, and helped
organize a Run-Club for students. As I was trying to find and incorporate new
exercises for students to keep them from becoming bored, I stumbled upon Crossfit. 

I have always considered myself
relatively fit with a background in hockey, highland dancing and rugby but
after I finished my first WOD I knew I had found something completely
different. I’ve always felt plagued with the typical ‘toned-arms and
flat-stomach’ mentality at most gyms and I finally found a break in that way
of thinking with Crossfit. The biggest draw to Crossfit for me was the focus
on strength, endurance and coordination, rather than having a flat-stomach
mentality, which seems to be the leading reason for people to stay active. Crossfit
is a lifestyle choice to stay strong and fit.

Another reason I love Crossfit is the community it creates in that everyone
works together no matter what age, weight, gender or fitness level. I decided
to become a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer because I love helping people achieve
their goals they never thought possible. Whether it be a push-up or a 300lb
Deadlift…Crossfit is for everyone.