10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2- and 1 rep rounds for time of:

 Clean ¾ bodyweight

Bench bodyweight

Deadlift 1 ½ bodyweight

Set up three bars and storm through for time.  Decide on weights that actually make sense,but are not so light that it’s too easy.

If you do power cleans, then it’s not RX. Having said that, if your squat clean still needs work, I would highly recommend a power clean.  You get a better workout with a squat clean and much more effort.



10 thoughts on “Linda

  1. As I’m typing I’m mowing down on a Chocolate danish while drinking a venti Caramel Macchiato and Chocolate milk. Got crushed by the WoD this morning…. don’t follow my example.
    But AWESOME work to everyone else this morning. Glen way to shave off 15 mins of your time. And Karl way to pound out the WoD. But the biggest surprise came from Lisa when she finished the WoD 7 mins before everyone else, way ta go.
    We’ve set quite a high bar for the other classes. Good luck everyone taking on the 3 bars of death.

  2. What a great crew to workout with this morning! Excellent job everyone! Darryl – you’re still the champ at Linda.
    Time: 31:11 which I felt great about until I saw that Josh Everett does it in 12:23!!!

  3. OK, my forearms are still hurting from KB swings. However, I would have liked to give Linda a try – but the pain in my mouth from my tooth extraction renders me an invalid until at least Monday. My mouth DOES hurt more than my forearms. Good on all of you who weathered the WODs this week. Killer, but GREAT for the challenge.

  4. I love this WOD. Blew it by being a bit of a suck and doing power cleans. Please Miss Marta can we do it again soon…but give us a couple of days notice to prep strategy. I love it…even with Nickelback tunes as the tunes

  5. Although the bench was still my nemesis, I did like Linda better when it was power cleans! Not sure I like many of the girls these days…except for sweet, sweet Annie.
    Time: 33:40 300/175/150 @ 197 BW

  6. Today…not so in love with Linda. Had a date with Kelly yesterday and was feeling a bit sluggish. Late round squat cleans ended up closer to courtsies! Increased weight slowed down time…no match for Super Brian!

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