NEWS:  Thursdays will now be Active Recovery days.  We punish you through the week and we thought it would be great to have a day of mobility and a light wod.  LIGHT WOD= No heavy weights, more body weight work.  Does not mean you will no sweat! 😉  As many of you take thursdays off to recover, how perfect is this?  You can now come in and know that you are healing your sore muscles, increasing mobility and preventing injuries!

Sean had originally requested Cindy – I talked him out of it. 🙂

From CrossFit Pickering to our Sean:  have a wonderful Birthday, we have been so proud to be part of your journey to health and fitness!!!!  We hope many turn up to do the wod with you in the evening…  ahem… guys?

Max Effort Ring Dips

3 sets – 90 sec recovery between sets

Score is lowest # in any set

Happy Birthday Sean!


3 rounds:

27 DL – 135/95

10 Power Clean – 135/95

5 Chest to Bar pull ups

19 Box jumps 24/20

87 Double Unders


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