Why is it important to Log your workouts?

To be able to determine whether you are progressing, you need to keep track.  The only way you will know if you’re getting stronger, faster and more fit is to  log your workouts and your lifts.  If we’re doing skills, like pull ups and handstands write down where you’re at on that particular day.  This is an easy way to measure.  Remember we’re not a regular gym where you come just to workout.  We are a training centre to get you prepared for life. whether it’s competition, lifting  your kid, becoming a better human, or just feeling fit – by tracking you can see how your General Physical Preparedness is measured every day.  When we ask you what your 1rm is of any lift, you should know at least close to that number.  If you don’t have one yet, let’s find it – then log it!

Press + Push Press + P Jerk

5xMax (45/35)

Start out with Strict Press until fatigued, then immediately continue with PP until fatigued then immediately into P Jerk.

3 minutes rest between sets

100 Atomic Sit-Ups for time


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