There has been a ton of research being done on intermittent fasting.  Tom has been doing that for 4 weeks now.  I started yesterday.  I have done the Michael Mosley way before and liked it.  Most of the research out there shows that people who are calorie deficient live longer, healthier lives.    Fasting gives your body a break,  gives your metabolism a boost and you consume less calories per week = fat loss.

there are 2 methods.

Method 1 – no calories for 24 hours – once to twice a week. 

  • Tom and I eat breakfast.  We try to make it protein dense. We don’t eat again until the next morning.  some people prefer to start the evening before and then eat dinner the next day.
  • We drink tea/coffee, water throughout the day.
  • You can also have some psyllium for bulk. I take something called herbal bulk. Makes your stomach full and adds fibre without adding calories.
  • We do the breakfast option as we both workout in the morning/noon time.  Yes we are both capable of doing workouts during the fast.  We both choose days when we are super busy.  For me, mondays and fridays are best. For Tom tuesdays seem to work.  This way you’re not sitting around at home thinking about food!
  • More on this from Mike T. Nelson

Method 2 – the Michael Mosley Approach.

I’ve done this as well.  I think i prefer the other method as there is less thinking involved.  With his approach, you are allowed to eat 500 to 600 for 2 days of the week, the other 5 days you eat normally.

Both methods will help with insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and metabolism.   Michael did a really cool documentary for the BBC called Eat, Fast and live longer.. He also has books etc… 

Tom and I will continue experimenting with the fasting method and keep all you posted.


3 Rounds of

6 Thrusters (40% BW)
10 FR Box Step Ups (40% BW)
14 Sit-Ups
90 second break between rounds

Deadlift 5×10-20 @ 40% 1rm


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