As coaches we often hear our athletes having negative self talk.  ” I’m not strong”, ” I suck”, ” I don’t want to be last”, ” I failed because I had to modify”.  let’s stop this. NOW!  If you got your ass off the couch and showed up. You won!  You are the minority of people who actually care about their health and well being.   You put your workout shoes on, your shorts, your tshirt, you came and started warming up.  that’s 90% right there. The rest is 10% but it’s an important 10%.  Positive self talk is important.  Let’s be real, we all say crappy things about ourselves during the workout.  Sometimes in our heads, sometimes out loud.   The more you believe in yourself, the better your experience and results will be.   Say things like ” i’ve got this”, ” I can do this”, “I’m sweating, that’s good”, ” i’m getting stronger!”.  all of these and a myriad more are what you need to be saying to  yourself every day.  As coaches, we don’t care if you have to modify movements, or you’re not 100% on some days.   You showed up.

Snatch Balance 3x 4 upto 60%

Snatch Pull 5×2 upto 120%

“Isabelle is a Bitch”
30 Squat Snatches
After Every 6 Snatches do 3 Burpees


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