This movement is often a struggle for people.  When you break it down, it’s quite simple.  This is one of those cases where you need to follow each step precisely to execute it.  This is a good way to warm up for barbell cleans, as well as improving your barbell cleans by mastering the med Ball Clean.

 The Setup – Feet Shoulder distance apart in the bottom of the deadlift position. Shoulders over the Ball, the Ball is on the floor between the legs with clearance for arms. Arms are straight, palms outside of the ball with the fingertips pointing down. The laces of the ball face out at all times.
The Progression:
1 – Deadlift
2 – Deadlift with a shrug
3 – front squat
4 – shrug drop under – make sure the laces of the ball are facing out. move hands around the ball.
5 – full Med ball clean

6 rounds

1 minute Med Ball Cleans

2 minute DUs
2 minute Rest

( if this is your 3rd day in a row you can go hard and use a heavy ball, if it is your 4th day in a row, go lighter )

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