Thank you Jacqueline for answering all the questions in  our member spotlight.  It is beautifully written and inspiring.  The coaches have been training Jacqueline for a few years now, but it really feels like she has been part of the family for many more years.  it’s kind of funny how time speeds up with our athletes. Many of you have been with us for only a few months, but it feels like you’re all old friends!  Jacqueline has been working so hard on achieving her goals and I know that one day soon, that Pull up is coming.  She’s been doing her homework and working on her grip, her push ups and hanging on the bars.  She is a good example of someone who is dedicated on getting stronger. DSC_0062  You will get there Jacqueline!

So what keeps her coming back, day in and day out?

“I love that I can come in to the Box for an hour several times a week and be properly trained as well as cover every muscle group. It is varied. The coaches coach. They teach, touch and encourage.
I love the people. The old saying “It takes a village to raise a child” rings so true with Crossfit members. The other athletes have become friends. We partner up, we encourage each other and we play together.
I look forward to every class despite what time of the day I go. They are all my friends. Its a community I am proud to be a part of.”

Read the entire member Spotlight in our January newsletter coming to your mailbox on tuesday!


Parallette Push ups – Feet on a box if possible, weighted if possible.  4 x 4


24 Min Partner EMOM

10 Up-n-Over Box Jumps

10 Sit Ups

ME Burpees for the rest of the minute

Partner A goes first while Partner B rests. Switch Every Minute.

Score is total Burpees


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