It’s not a question we often ask ourselves…Ok, maybe you guys do ?!   One of the Canadian Magazines ran a survey of 1000 women aged 35 to 45 and 73% of them said they did not think they looked good naked.  I had a chat with some women on monday about this.  They thought this might be bang on.    They agreed that more men would definitely think they look good naked.  Why is it that women have such negative perceptions of their bodies?   Here is a funny thing.  This looking good naked is an individual perception.  Out of the 1000 women,  if a friend or spouse was asked if these individuals looked good naked I bet the numbers would change. Drastically. We are so hard on ourselves!   We all need to find ways to appreciate where we’re at physically. Appreciate our working bodies, our strong bodies and FEEL GOOD naked!

CrossFit = Feel and Look Good naked. 🙂


60 Deadlifts @40%
Complete in the least amount of sets possible.
Every time you stop immediately drop and do 7 Push Ups Rest a minimum of 1 min between sets.

“Lizzie” 15-12-9-6-3
Split Jerk (95/65)

Ring Dips

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