I looked at our Goals board the other day and wondered how everyone was coming along with them…  I know many of you have been working hard at getting those movements, getting stronger and tackling the things that stop  you.  it will now be time to set our goals for 2016!

I wanted to get 5 deadhang pull ups by end of  year.  I’ve made it to 3,with an ugly looking 4th… So not quite there but getting there.  the HSPU is till escaping mIMG_5622e, but I will get it one day!  Setting goals in life and in CrossFit is important.  Have a plan of action and you will succeed!  great work everyone!

Start thinking of what your goals are for 2016 – and write them down!

A) 6 min E30sO30s

Even: 1 Squat Snatch 50% Odd: 2 Drop Snatch

Rest 5 minutes

B) 12 min AMRAP
Kb Swings 24/16
Every time you stop, complete 50m run


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