I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.  I know many of you don’t, because they just don’t work.  What I do like about starting fresh with a new 1.1. is thinking of ways that I can make this year even better than last.  This last year we were able to add new equipment, new rig, more plates and bars, a new rower.  Many of us took courses to better ourselves in our coaching and our lives.  We will continue to do so.  On my list?  A yoke would be cool.  I dream of having 3 or 4 bikes!

By being part of CrossFit Pickering, you all lived healthier lives.  How has being part of CFP affected me?  When I had my cholesterol and heart tested my Doc’s eyeballs bulged at how awesome my results were.  You were the 10% of stronger, more empowered people.  2016 will prove to be more of all this good stuff.  Instead of doing resolutions, let’s have goals!  I will erase all the goals from last year and we will start a new Goal Board.  It has been found that when you write down your goals for everyone to see you will try harder to accomplish them.

Happy New Year from CrossFit Pickering . thank you for being part of our family.

Have you seen this?IMG_5620



a Nice little bodyweight amrap for New Year’s day!  Only noon today!

25 minute amrap

35 DUs
30 air squats
25 push ups

20 V- ups

15 ring dips

10 ring rows

5 burpees

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