It’s a new year and we wanted to make sure that our members are aware of our gym rules.   Especially our new friends who may not be aware of these…

Scent FREE zone – Please refrain from wearing perfumes and heavily scented body lotions. These bother our members and coaches.

Bring indoor running shoes – Especially as the snow is upon us ( boooo), we ask that you bring indoor shoes.  We have set up shelves in the change rooms where you can leave your indoor shoes!

Bring a Water bottle –   We do not provide water containers. 🙂

Please leave coats and large gym bags in the change rooms – did you know that we have change rooms?  we do!  We also have showers!  the change rooms have locks and a passcode!

Do bring your awesome attitudes and energy!  We love that!!!!  For some reason it feels like great things are happening this year!  People are stronger, happier, fitter and want more of the same!   Did you know that exercise can elevate your mood?  If you feel sad, pissy, angry, hating the weather – best thing to do? A WOD!!!!


Deadlift 5 x 3 work up to 85% of max – every 2 minutes. ( 10 minutes)


Wall Ball 20/14

power Snatch 115/85
plyo Push up – explosive 45/25 plates


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