Some of the movements that have been seen in the Open wods over the past few years are:  Rowing, Thrusters, Pull ups,  C2B Pull ups, T2B, MUs, Wall balls, DUs, Overhead squats, front squats, Press, Box jumps, deadlifts, Clean and Jerk, Snatches, Over the bar Burpees, HSPUs.    They may throw some new movements at us, but other movements are hard to judge and hard to do for people who are sending videos in.   If you haven’t been practicing these do so.  What are your weaknesses right now? Start working on those. We have time after class, or before class ( except for 6 am) to practice these.    You will only get better at these by practice, determination and commitment at achieving your goals.  Speaking of goals, did you see that we erased the 2015 goals and we’re ready for you to start writing down your 2016 goals!  get ’em done!

Here is Elizabeth Akinwale setting the Jackie record at the 2013 Regionals.“>http://

Over Head Squat 5 x 2 every 90 seconds. working at 95% of max.


1000 metre row

50 Thrusters 43/35

50 Pull ups


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