Thursday NOON Is back on!!!!  starting today.

I find Lori to be one of the most inspiring people I know.  Lori’s kids Emma and David started with us first 6 years ago, with Callum, Jaden and my little ones.  It took a bit of time to convince Lori to join us.  Denise and I worked on her and finally she came!  She has not left.  Seeing the changes in her, her husband Steve joined us last year too.

Lori works so hard in every workout.  You would never know that some of her body sometimes gives her pain – damn achilles tendon! – and that last year she had a shitty lung infection for a while.  The minute she was allowed to come back, she was there.  Her dedication is incredible.   I wish I had the same “never give up” attitude that Lori has and the enthusiasm too!  In January she started an awesome Facebook to motivate everyone to stick with getting healthy this year and everyone has been posting daily.  She is also going to school, working, taking care of her mom and being an incredible wife and mother.  She’s beautiful, inside and out.   Yeah, I think she’s pretty awesome.   Her goal this year?  To do a pull up.  With her dedication, she will do it. You know she will!




Calorie Row


Box jumps

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