We have a ton of Masters Athletes at our box and we are proud of you all.  To commit to your health no matter the age takes courage and dedication. As a masters athlete, I am stronger now than I’ve ever been.  I definitely do not feel 45.   I still have the drive to better myself every day.  Yesterday, I finally became comfortable being upside down.  It’s taken 40 years, but I did it!  Now I’m addicted to being better at HSPUs.  What is your addiction?  What are you passionate about mastering?  Dus? Pull ups? Toes to bar? Commit to something and you will get better.    XO Marta

Here is an inspiring video to get you moving and sign up for the Open!  Doesn’t matter where you’re at, just join the fun.  TO sign up: http://games.crossfit.com – register, then pick your affiliate and TEAM – Crossfit Pickering for both!


Split Jerk 3 x 3 work up to 90% of max

17 minute amrap:

30 Wall Balls 20/14

30 Dus

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