I love CrossFit.  I love that they have completely transformed people’s lives with the exercise that we do as well as the nutritional focus that they have provided for millions of people.  Back in the day they put the Zone on the map.  A few years later, they made Paleo get huge!  Now they are going after Pop manufacturers.  I believe that Soft Drinks companies are pure evil and for Glassman to go after them is awesome.

Here is the beginning:

The effort to pass a recently failed bill requiring health-warning labels on sugar-sweetened beverages in California is a marathon, not a sprint, said sponsoring Sen. Bill Monning.

“While it’s obviously a disappointment that we don’t have an immediate vehicle … we won’t just lie dormant. We will use 2016 to continue to educate members, and I think the most powerful persuasion for members here (is) in their districts,” Monning told the CrossFit Journal on Jan. 15.

He might be right. On Jan. 13—the same day Monning withdrew Senate Bill 203 for consideration by the Senate Health Committee—Field Research Corp. released a statewide poll stating that 78 percent of voters support a warning label on sugary beverages. That’s a slight increase from 2014, when 74 percent of California voters supported such a measure.

to read the entire article

Backsquat 5 X10 work at 60% of max

12 minute amrap
OH squat 95/65

bar facing burpees

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