Tom has been fasting for 2 months now – once a week.  I’ve been doing it for about 5 weeks once a week and sometimes twice a week.  I love it!  Tom does too. Nothing much to think about. No calorie counting.  Eat normally the rest of the week.  I’ve been coaching about 9 to 10 hours on mondays and it’s the perfect day to do it.  We have both lost inches and pounds.  I’ve lost about 5 pounds.   The area that feels like it’s changed the most for both of us is the mid section.

I know i’ve posted this info before, but here it is again.

Here is a little tidbit from the site:

Bottom line – there are lots of experts who can help you with the extremes. So if extreme is what you want, there are lots of options. I’m a master of ‘good enough’. If looking good and being healthy is important to you, but not at the expense of consuming your life, than I have some pretty simple, time tested advice.

  • Fast once or twice a week – it doesn’t have to be 24 hours, it could be 16, or 20, must make sure you’re taking a break from eating occasionally.
  • Stress less. Do your best to only stress about the things that are actually worth stressing about.
  • Lift. As little as twice a week can do wonders. Three to four times per week is great, just be careful as you’ll start to see diminishing returns after a while.
  • Move. Do something that makes you breath a little harder each and every day. I like climbing, but do something that you find fun.
  • Eat. PLEASE EAT. But eat responsibly. You don’t have to be a saint with your food, but you can’t eat like every day is thanksgiving either.
  • Sleep – Get a good nights sleep. If you’re doing the first five things properly, this should be a little bit easier.

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