I’m not 25 anymore.  I know, I know, shock!  I find that after doing Crossfit for 8 years I am now stronger even tough I’m older.  I find that CrossFit keeps me young.  I think most of our athletes over 40 would agree.   We have a large population of Masters ( athletes over 40).   I think they are all awesome – strong, sexy, fit!  As we age, we need to keep fit.  We need to keep our muscles and bones strong.  Often we see people in advancing years who get on the floor and can’t get back up.  I don’t want anyone to be that person.  Worse, a person who cannot safely get on the floor!

The nice thing about CrossFit is that it is in fact scaleable to any age.  We have uber athletes who are 16 years old and we have  amazing athletes in their 60s.   XO Marta

Here is a great article on this:

7 reasons CrossFit is the perfect for the 50+ aged population

Years to our Life and Life to our Years! 7 reasons CrossFit is the perfect workout for the 50+ aged population

This article originally started out as “Twenty Reasons CrossFit is the PERFECT workout for those aged 50+”. Granted, twenty reasons are a convincing number but, as it goes, the research regarding bone density among seniors & the latest studies regarding the efficacy of high intensity workouts to combat dementia and memory loss as we age are really not that interesting of a read. All of them very important and convincing, but as an individual piece, it got to be a little too long. I did find however that several of the reasons were more important and could really stand on their own. Therefore, for brevity sake, I’ve decided that the top 7 reasons were sufficient to make my point. After coaching this age group for over a year now, it is easy for me to conclude that the hardest part of my job is not in the actual coaching, but in convincing this group that they can indeed do CrossFit. More importantly, that CrossFit is overwhelmingly, the most effective and efficient way for our age group to recover, rebuild & maintain a youthful and vibrant level of fitness in body, mind and spirit. Regardless of our age and in spite of the effects of the relentless passing of years, there is, hands down, no program on this planet that better prepares us for what life can bring in our later phases of life.  entire article here

Curtis P.

20 min AMRAP (55% body weight)

1 Power Clean
1 Lunge
1 Lunge (alternate leg)
1 Push Press

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