You may have noticed that we did a 5000 metre row yesterday. I didn’t post it because if I had 1/2 of you may not have showed up and experienced the pleasure of rowing a long distance.  It’s like running a 5K.  sometimes it’s perfect for you to get in the zone and just row.  It’s an ideal recovery day movement and amount.  Most competitive athletes in Crossfit do a 5 K run or a 5 000 M row every week as their recovery day.  I know some of you do not give a crap about competition, but it’s still important to get to move and think differently.  I promise the benefits outweigh the pain! XO Marta


ROPE CLIMBS : Spend 10 minutes working on Rope climbs – If you have rope climbs you are to do legless. Work on seated rope stands if you’re a beginner. Try to do at least 5 ropes climbs or 10 to 15 attempts.

E2MO2M for 20 minutes

Bench 10 reps at 70% of max

10 hollow rocks
10 split jumps
5 MED ball cleans


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