IMG_6195It took me years to convince Steve to come and try us out. He would drop off the kids to CrossFit and sit in the waiting room on his blackberry. I would harass him once in a while, but eventually I gave up, thinking that it would never happen! I was so shocked when Steve signed up for the bootcamp.   Shocked! I know that Lori is thrilled to have Steve participate with her in something she loves. We love having him around and seeing all this amazing progress! Marta

Here is what Steve had to say about his experience with us so far:

“Crossfit, I don’t need Crossfit, I play hockey.  TWICE a week.”  That was always my answer to Marta or Brock when they asked me to give it a try.  And I avoided it for many years. My kids had been involved for a couple of years and I didn’t think it was for me.  But things were changing, the punk 18 years olds were pushing me off the puck.  I was gasping after a hard shift, and I didn’t mind when we had a few extra spares out.  I decided maybe it was time to try a program.  So I hung up a pullup bar in the basement and broke out the P90X dvds.  It worked, for a couple weeks.  But the results were minor and then I skipped a day, then 2, then a week and before long, laundry was hanging from the pull up bar and my arms were still toothpicks.

Standing in front of the mirror one day, shirt off, all I could think was that I was soft.  The epiphany happened, it’s time for Crossfit. By this time, November 2014, my wife Lori had been going for several months as well, and I joined the bootcamp.  What an experience that was.  I remember not being able to get through Mini Cindy – 15 more jumping pull-ups, are you kidding me!  And the time I was doing dips with the strap across the parallel bars SO tight to make it easier, that it eventually broke.  I kept coming back though.  I love the energy of the Box.  The constant drive to do your best and to never quit, the desire to up your performance every WOD, to continue to improve on the moves that need work, and learn new ones.  I didn’t know what to expect last year for the Crossfit Open, but there was no way I was going to feel the wrath of Mark Willis if I didn’t join up.  It was amazing, we were pushed to our limits and beyond, can’t wait for this year.  One of my goals is to try and get through as many Open WODs as possible at RX.  I also want to get a Ring Muscle up and string together some HSPU’s.

For any beginners, or newbies, just know that you don’t need to be an athlete or even in good shape to do this.  Just come out and work your butt off, you will get there, I did.  Because of Crossfit I feel I can do more.  Whether it is walking, running, lifting, working, I am not worried about it.  I often think to myself when challenged, “I’m a Crossfitter, I can handle it” Hell, it’s got to be easier than

Red telling me to “put some weight on that bar” I still look at myself in the mirror without my shirt on, but I am much happier.  I also take a lot more penalties at hockey, they fall down so easily now.


Establish 1 RM back squat  should take about 15 minutes or so…

AMRAP 10 Minutes

5 Push ups

10 sit ups

15 squats


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