Again from the Journal:

It was July 2010, my first week of CrossFit. The affiliate had opened a month prior, and I was the only person in the noon class. After I warmed up, the coach brought out a 20-inch wooden box and told me to jump up on it.

I looked at the rough edges of the homemade structure, eyeing the sharp corners, the screws embedded in plywood. Jumping on top seemed like a terrible idea. But my coach was looking at me expectantly, so I bent my knees and made a half-hearted jump, rising a few inches off the floor. I was nowhere close to the top of the box.

I kept trying, but each time I got ready to jump I’d look at the sharp-edged box and hesitate. I was terrified of what might happen if I really tried.

Finally, my coach pointed to a tractor tire in the corner of the gym.

“Jump on that,” he said.

“How tall is it?” I asked.

“Just jump on it,” he said.

read the entire article here

pull ups negatives chest to bar – either with band or with partner.  4 x 4

4 rounds for time of:

115-lb. overhead squats, 20 reps
30-inch box jumps, 20 reps

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