Does “overhead squats effortlessly” apply to you?

If so, don’t read this. If not, do you feel like it takes a huge effort to just get to the bottom of an overhead squat? Do you ever wonder how much inefficiency this is adding to your other movements including pullups, toes-to-bar, snatches, etc? By sitting too much and ignoring the maintenance schedule, many of us have allowed our bodies to set the emergency brake, resulting in poor movement patterns, slower performance on the WOD and increased risk of injury. Is there a way that you can identify your weaknesses and strengths and a set of effective movements that you can do to address them?
By applying a screening process for stability and mobility, we can assess your strengths and weaknesses. We can also work with your healthcare professional to provide the results of the assessment as well as getting input on an individualized program designed to address your weaknesses. Finally, we’ll take you through the program to ensure that you have all of the tools to get into the best positions possible and ultimately excel at the overhead squat and other challenging CrossFit movements.
If you’re interested, please contact Glen to setup an appointment. For $110+tax, you’ll spend one hour going through the assessment, then Glen will design your program and schedule a one hour follow-up meeting to take you through the customized stability and mobility program.

the Wod:

GHD sit ups – 3 x 15 ( work in together, this way people will get breaks)

During the breaks: 3 x 4 HSPU – work on the kip. If you’re not there yet, work on headstands. Make sure your weight is on your hands not your head.

3 rounds of:

15 seconds max rep Power Snatches 165/115  – 45 seconds rest

25 seconds Power Cleans, 165/115 rest – 35 seconds rest

15 seconds max rep Push Jerks, 165/115  – 45 seconds rest

25 seconds of max rep Front Squats, 165/115   – 35 seconds rest

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