Come spend the morning with your CrossFit Pickering Family! 🙂

there is only one class today at 9:30 until 11 am.

We will have 2 short wods today.   So much fun! Coach Mark has something delicious planned I’m sure!


Mark has programmed some great workouts for our rowers this week:

3 x 2000m / 1 min easy between each 2000


8 x 1000m / 1 min easy

Row eight 1000 meter pieces. Row for one minute at light pressure between each 1000.

5 x 2000m rate change 24-26 / 2 min easy

Row five 2000 meter pieces. In each piece change the rate every 500m. The first 500m @ 24 spm. Then 500m @ 26 spm. 500m @ 24 and 500m @ 26. Row for two minutes at light pressure during the rest period.

1/2 Marathon Training

ROW for 60 minutes – set intervals at 10 minutes on/no rest in between. Compare distances travelled in each of the six intervals. Experiment with stroke rates between 22 and 26 per minute


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