I know this came out in the spring, but a friend just sent it to me again and  I had to share it.  Today was also a day when I was impressed with my mom.  She’s 68 years old, has never ever skied.  I thought I would buy her lessons for Cross country skiing for Christmas.  She didn’t want to go, she was scared and kept saying that I was trying to kill her.  I knew she could do it, she bikes and hikes, but she was scared of falling.  She did fall, got right back up and skied some more.  At first she hated the lesson.  Once the hour and a half of skiing was done, she went out and bought skis!  So proud of her.  Now we have something we can do together and she will be getting fitter! XO Marta


10 rounds – not for time ( some might want to go a little lighter if they are not used to doing 100 reps of a lift)

10 Bench 70% of max
10 Backsquats 70% of max

once done:
4 rounds for time: 10 toes to bar
20 double unders


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