we don’t know, but it’s good to be prepared…

We had pistols in the wod yesterday.  Were you able to do them?  Is this an area of improvement for you?  There are 3 factors that impede people from getting a pistol: strength, flexibility and coordination/stability.  You really need to warm up those ankles and hips before attempting a Pistol.   Check out Ido Portal and his therapy video.

Over the years we have shown you many modifications and progressions.  You can find many on Gymnasticswod.

Some beneficial strength exercises to do to get better at pistols are:

  • weighted box step ups
  • weighted front/back/ side walking lunges
  • Bulgarian Split squats ( love these!)
  • split jumps


E2Mon2M for 16 minutes ( 8 rounds all together)

10 dips
10 floor wipers 135/95
10 split jumps


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