Mark has done it again. He came up with a  clever and awesome name for our team divisions!  Here is what he wrote eloquently on FB:

Welcome to The Game of Moans! The official site on FB for Crosssfit Pickering Athletic Supporters to monitor, cheer, and share their love of their athletic community with their fitness soulmates.

Each year, Crossfit HQ holds the Crossfit Open, the worlds largest fitness competition to find the Fittest Man and Woman in the World. While we, here at Crossfit Pickering, are under no delusions that person is coming from our box, we do have a cast of extraordinary athletes, and more importantly people, who love to take part and brandish their skills on the field of battle here at 1734 OrangeBrook Court in Pickering, Ontario, Canada!

To make this even more inclusive, we have added an in house competition, by randomly dividing the participants…both Games Registered Athletes and Non Registered Athletes into teams who compete for the HUMAN SPIRIT CUP shown in the picture above.
Thats right, even non registered athletes can Bootcampers can get points for their team.
Will you be part of TEAM UNSULLIED as they try to win back the IRON THRONE for KHALEESI?
Will you join the legacy of MANCE RYDER and Team WHITE WALKER in their ruthless quest to regain the NORTH
Will you collaberate with the dysfunctional HOUSE LANNISTER in unifying the Jaime and Tyreon in their quest to rule WESTEROS
will you be part of the evil DOTHRAKI empire as they mercilessly crush every opponent in their way.
…the choice, will not be yours! Teams are randomly put together and its your goal to encourage everyone, whether you know them or not in your quest for th the HUMAN SPIRIT CUP!
A complete list of how to get points for your team will be posted in the box and on line on Tuesday morning of this week. Mke this site one of your favourites, add it to your news feed, watch for events.
Here are a few tips on how you can maximize points for your team
1. Register for the Open at Registered athletes will get bonus points for completing their WODS in the open
2. Bring your camera, selfie stick, iphone etc to class…there will be bonus points for those who post a picture immediately after their WOD with their results
3. If you have a costume(s) – bonus points!
4. If you record your scores on the sheets in the box…bonus points
5. If you record your scores on the games website…bonus points
There will be more…
Remember, the first event 16.1 will be announced live on the Crossfit website on Thursday, February 25th at 8pm. Athletes will have their first opportunity to do the workout the next morning at 6:am bUT the big THROWDOWN FESTIVUS happens on FRiday evenings for the NEXT FIVE WEEKS at 6PM. A healthy warmup with first events at approximately 6:20.


strength/ timed For time:
15 Power Cleans 15 Push Jerks 12 Power Cleans 12 Push Jerks

9 Power Cleans 9 Push Jerks Men: 155 lbs. Women: 105 lbs.

Alternating OTM x 20:
Odd – 6 front rack lunge from the floor
Even – 15 Box Jumps (24/20)
Start light on the barbell and add weight every round.

Cash out – 30 Hollow rocks

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