the big announcement comes tonight at 8 pm!  I know you will all be watching.  First wod 16.1 will begin at 6 am tomorrow with classes at 6 am, 7 am, 8 am, 11 am, 4:30 and 6 pm.  6 Pm is the big throwdown Party!  Keep in mind there is no 5:30 class or 6:30 class today.  Come out and do the wod at 6 pm, or just come to cheer your friends on!  You can do 16.1 and enter your score until Monday 8 pm.. DO NOT MISS THIS WINDOW!!!  8 pm!!!  ( kerri 🙂 )

At 5 p.m. PST the live show will start from NorCal CrossFit. The Director of the Games Dave Castro will reveal Open Workout 16.1 to the crowds, livestream audience and four athletes poised to be the first to try the workout.

The 6th- and 8th-ranked women from the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games, Chyna Cho and Emily Abbott, will take on the workout alongside two employees from Western Digital Corporation (WDC). The tech company has introduced CrossFit to 13 of their locations worldwide. More than 2,000 WDC employees participate in CrossFit classes daily, making them one of the largest affiliate groups in the world.

After the workout, stay tuned for the Cool Down Show presented by Airrosti. There will be a special announcement for box owners and trainers.

Open Announcement Match-ups and Locations
16.1: Chyna Cho and Emily Abbott | NorCal CrossFit
16.2: Björgvin Guðmundsson and Dan Bailey | Garage Gym
16.3: Shawn Ramirez and Nicholas Paladino | CrossFit Jax
16.4: Katrin Davidsdottir and Sara Sigmundsdottir | Colorado Springs
16.5: Rich Froning, Ben Smith, Mat Fraser | The Ranch

Find the announcement and register here

15 minutes – 5 rounds
3 minutes to complete: ( rest the remainder of the time) 5 ground to overhead with 45 or 25 pound plate
10 jumps on plate
15 cal row


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