Did you enjoy the Open?  Some things to reflect upon now that the five weeks have passed.  What did you learn?  Do you see holes in your movements that need to improve? Did you see how you pushed yourself more than even during the Open wods?  Think about what you’ve learned and what you would like for you in the future. I know some people think the movements in the Open are silly as they can’t do them.  remember there is a scaled class and they are trying to test for the fittest on earth. So even though it can be frustrating at times, it is also a time when I’ve seen all our athletes BRING IT!!!!

Here is our plan:  we will work on the skills that were stumbling blocks for many over the next 8 weeks.  At that time we will retest all the Open wods – weekly, just like we just did starting with 16.1. The only change will be that we will do it on wednesdays and fridays.

1. Power Snatch –  take about 10 minutes to do this.
Build to a Heavy Set of 2

2. EMOM  for  12
Odd Minutes – 3 Power Snatch (75% of today)
Even Minutes – 20 Double-Unders or 60 singles

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