Many selfies and group pictures were posted, a ton of spirit was shown and a tiny bit of sweat was swept off of our brows.. We had many of our athletes in the masters and teen divisions specifically who made it to top 100 in Canada East. Did you know that Jean is 8th? Congratulations to all our athletes!  You worked hard this year and improved greatly!  Even if  you didn’t do the Open and could not give a crap about it, you still probably did some of the workouts and were perhaps inspired to get stronger, faster, better.

It’s now time to set your goals.  What are you wanting to achieve for next year’s OPEN?  For me it’s simple: better Chest to bar pull ups, HSPUs, and dare I say it? Muscle ups.  Ok, so for me it’s the gymnastics movements.  give me a bar anytime and I’m good to go, gymnastics have never been my strength, but I will keep working at it.

Write down your goals, either on the whiteboard in the hallway, or a notebook. Better yet, tell your coach.  Own it. Make it happen!

bulgarian split squat – 5 x 4 per leg – work up to a heavy 4


KB swings


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