On June 5th the Pickering Community Festival will return to Pickering!

The Pickering Community Festival is designed to provide an introduction to competition for new and local dragon boat crews with minimal race experience and will be held on Frenchman’s Bay in Pickering on Sunday June 5th, 2016.

This regatta will guarantee each crew 4 races including a heat and championship race in multiple distances. Winners of the Community Festival will receive a cup trophy.

This regatta has gained notoriety as a great regatta for athletes new to the sport of dragon boat racing – most athletes who’ve begun their paddling careers at this regatta have gone on to exciting and rewarding dragon boat racing futures. Many have even competed internationally for their club or country.

We need 20 to 25 paddlers!  the cost is about 25 to 35$ per person- this includes one practice session with a coach and the regatta itself.  Tom and I would pay for the difference.  I think we probably would want at least 2 on water sessions. We need to find out how much that would cost.  That is why we are saying 25 to 35$.

If you are interested I will post a form at the box tonight.  We need to know before April 30th.

All-Inclusive Package
– 4 guaranteed races
– 1 on-water practice
– Certified Coach + all equipment provided



Fight gone bad style – RECOVERY stream – 2 rounds, non -recovery stream 3 to 4 rounds.

GHD sit ups (divide it up so everyone gets a chance)





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