Our own Jean, after completing the masters qualifiers is 101st in the world!  He was 28th in the world for Event 1!  With a time of 4:40, i’m not surprised.   Jean has worked so hard this year to better himself. He’s worked on his weaknesses, his mobility, his strength and his endurance.   Event 3 had double unders and on sunday, Jean’s Dus just weren’t happening as well as we would have liked.  Double unders on that day, would have driven him up even higher on the leader board.

I hope that Jean can be an inspiration to you all.  I know he inspires me to work harder on my weaknesses and get better at them.  With hard work, anything is possible.  Top 50 next year Jean? xo M

Jean Mercier:

28 (04:40)

117 (395/213)

134 (329)

92 (17:01)
102 (508)


1RM – Backsquat – take 12 minutes to find this = 5 x 1 rest then:

WOD: 300

25x Pull-ups

50x Deadlift @ 135lbs/95

50x Push-ups

50x Box Jump @ 24” box/20

50x Floor Wiper @ 135lbs/95

50x KB Clean and Press @ 16/12

25x Pull-ups


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