Dave, Jeff, Tiff  and I did this in the fall of 2015.  Here is what we wrote about it:  ( throwback tuesday 🙂  )

“I’ve looked at this wod many times and always chickened out from programming it. It was in the Crossfit Games in 2014. One of our members asked if we had ever done it, so I volunteered to test it out and see if it was doable. Jeff, Tiffany, Dave and I did this wod on tuesday (2015)- we did it RX and we loved it. it was hard but doable. Julie Foucher did it in 37:46 at the games and Josh Bridges did it in 34:11. Here is what I want to say. Don’t chicken out. Show up. You will be glad.

Times: Jeff – 56:00, Dave – 43:14 ( beast!), Tiffany and Marta – 59:30”

We have added 2 scales to make it less daunting for some.

The Triple 3:


3000 metre Row

300 Double Unders

3 Mile run =  6 times around the building.

Scale 1: 2000/200/2 Miles Scale 2: 1000/100/1 Mile


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