A great article by Lisbeth.  I feel the same as she does about age.  I feel proud to be 45, strong and healthy.  Age is just a number and your well being depends on living and being happy, not the year you were born.  The less focus you spend on that number, the better.  that’s my advice…

I Refuse To Mourn My Youth
I refuse to mourn my youth.

I refuse to lament the passing of time.

I refuse to weep because I am growing older or because I have wrinkles. I accept every line on my face.

I will not cry over a grey hair. Or ten. Or 200.

I won’t Botox my face until my forehead ceases to move. I will refuse to use “filler.” I am full enough without the help of bacteria.

I don’t want to be younger. I’m good, thanks. I have spent many years and tears earning who I am.

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1 minute – Wall Balls 10/8

1 minute – Burpees

1 minute – Wall Balls

1 minute – Burpees

1 minute rest

repeat once

regular stream  repeat 3 times and use a heavier ball 20/14

( recovery will take 9 minutes, regular stream will take 19 minutes)

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