Great little article I read in the Barbell Press.  Now, not many of our wonderful athletes are guilty of this, but it’s always a  nice reminder.

Xo marta

Unbeknownst to you, you may be driving your CrossFit coach insane. Even if you love, love, love CrossFit. Even if your CrossFit coach is one of your best friends.

So, whether you realize it or not, you may, at times, do silly little things that get under the skin of your coaches. So without further ado, here’s a list of things that make coaches want to pull their hair out:

Whining- Sometimes we mean our whining to be a humble brag like when we say, “I’m so sore from this week that I don’t know how I’m going to do today’s workout,” but what we really mean is, “I’m sore because I’m a badass and pushed so hard this week.” And other times, we whine as an excuse; “Omg. This is so heavy today!” really means, “Other days when I’m feeling really strong, I can totally do this so don’t judge if I miss this lift right now.” But what we mean and what we say are two different things. Your coach is so busy running class and dividing his/her time among all of the members that they don’t have time to interpret the “true meaning” behind your comments. What they hear is whining and that’s like nails on a chalk board to a coach. It’s perfectly acceptable to say, “Hey coach. I’m pretty sore from this week. Mind if I scale the weight back a bit and use today as an active recovery?” but it’s not cool to whine.
Talking While The Coach Is Reviewing The Movement– We get it. CrossFit is where you come to blow off steam after a long day of work. But for your coaches, it is their actual job. So if you’re talking while they are reviewing the movements, it’s making their job really difficult. Experienced members are more likely to do this since they don’t need the movement review as much as a rookie does, but it’s distracting to both the newbie and the coach. Absolutely come to have a great time and be social with other members, but make sure it’s not when your coach is instructing.
Coaching Other Members- Unless your coach has purposely asked you to assist them in coaching other members, try not to. We know members do this with the best intention, but sometimes, it interferes with our plans as coaches. For instance, you may see an error in another member’s technique that we are already aware of but have decided not to fix just yet because that error might be secondary to another more important error that we want the athlete to focus on. When you give the athlete more cues than we wanted to give, it confuses the athlete. It’s better to let the coach do the coaching, but feel free to ask questions. Pull your coach aside and say, “I noticed Jenny was doing this and I want to develop my eye for coaching. What do you think?” A good coach will be happy to use the opportunity to explain their reasoning and help you expand your knowledge.

Read the rest here:

Are you driving your coach crazy

EMOM for 12 Minutes – recovery

EMOM for 18 minutes – Regular stream

16 lunges 0 to 1
12 push up1 to 2
10 Cal Row 2 to 3 etc….


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