The Power Cleans and Snatches listed below are part of a progression. Follow the designated percentages and time constraints exactly. These are not heavy lifts – they are fast. Olympic lifting is equal parts (1) Strength, (2) Technique, and (3) Speed. Use today to build the SPEED. Much like max-effort 10m sprints produce incredible speed even though they aren’t too taxing on your muscles or lungs, these lifts will do the same. Give them everything you have.

With a running clock…
A. At the 0:00
EMOMx9: 1 Power Clean at 75%

B. At the 12:00
EMOMx9: 1 Power Snatch at 75%

4 times 200 metre sprints ( rest a minute between sprints)

try to match your time each round.  Post your slowest time.


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