Good information here.  We addressed the entire BMI/scale last week, which he talks about again here.

Lie #1: The Scale
Perhaps the most insidious of the half-truths propagated by fashion, fitness, and your friends — that your scale weight indicates your health.
While this may be true in some limited circumstances (such as genuine obesity), relying on your scale weight to determine your health is like trying to determine your mile run time by measuring the circumference of your calves — it simply doesn’t tell the whole story.
Rather than worry about your scale weight, focus on your body composition. This is a much more comprehensive measure of your health, one that takes into account the underlying components of your weight: how much of your body is fat, how much is muscle tissue, and how much is bone, water, hair, and the like.

Here’s the rub — you may find you weigh more as you develop favorable body composition. You may even exceed your physician’s body mass index chart. Pay this no mind. When your diet and exercise are in order, muscle begins to replace fat, and your density actually increases, leading to a higher scale weight despite improved biomarkers.

more here

Over head squat

4 x 3 work up to 90% of max
3 rounds of:
Every 2 minutes on the 2 minutes
Mins 1-2:  100 Double unders
Mins 3-4:  30 atomic sit ups
Mins 5-7: 30 Calorie Row


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