I’m probably a weird one because I grew up on polish breakfasts: liverwurst and pickle sandwiches, sandwiches with any kind with meat, eggs, omelettes… we didn’t really eat cereal or muffins or anything of that sort.  My kids don’t eat cereal. I just don’t buy any… today I will have eggs, but often I will have leftovers from dinner…chicken, veggies etc…   breakfast does not have to be breakfast food is what i’m trying to say here.  xoxo Marta

In America, breakfast is often nothing more than disguised dessert, as this recent tweet from author and researcher Alan Levinovitz reminded us:

Muffin = cupcake

smoothie= milkshake

yogurt=ice cream


Look no further than the menu at IHOP, where dessert for breakfast reigns. You can find such items as New York cheesecake pancakes or raspberry white chocolate chip pancakes, which come with a whopping 83 grams (nearly 21 teaspoons) of sugar. Remember that the government recommends no more than 12 teaspoons of sugar per person per day (though the average American consumes 23.)

But you don’t need to go to IHOP to get a day’s worth of sugar in your morning meal. The muffins that greet us in the bakery aisle and at the coffee shop can contain about 37 grams of sugar — or a little more than 9 teaspoons.

And yogurt? The fermented dairy product has the patina of a health food, thanks to its protein and beneficial bacteria.

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paralette push ups – 4 x 5

5 rounds of 3 minutes ( remaining time in each 3 minute is a rest)

10 G2O 45/25

put plate down 45/25 – jump on and off plate with both feet 10 – really fast

400 metre row – (300 metre scaled)


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