The Full Snatch – a closer look at the fastest lift in the world.

The snatch is simply lifting a barbell from the floor to overhead in one quick motion. However, this basic description barely begins to explain the complexity of the lift. The snatch requires a combination of strength, coordination, explo- siveness, mobility and stability not seen in any other exercise.

The snatch requires high levels of skill and meticulous practice to perfect its execution, and when an athlete learns to perform the lift properly, it is unparalleled in its ability to build explosive power that translates to athletic performance.

Fortunately for those looking to perfect their snatch technique, researchers have studied the lift extensively, and an examination of the research on the biomechanics of elite Olympic weightlifters can provide insight into the exercise. By reviewing available research, we can determine proper snatch technique and illustrate how it will improve your performance, then explain how one can evaluate technique at home or in the gym. read the rest here

Pause Backsquat – 5 x 4 at 70% of max – pause at the bottom for 2 seconds and explode up

3 rounds for time

400 m run

15 power snatch 95/65

30 Double unders

15 Power snatch 95/65

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