Some of you have had questions regarding Recovery thursday.  Many of you do not want recovery thursday, but some do.  If you just did 3 hard wods we recommend you do the recovery wod for this day. If this is your second or third wod of the week go hard!

Let’s say you choose Recovery day – the workout will be shorter and you can spend the rest of the time, with the coach working on mobility and recovery. If you are here for regular wod, you will finish the wod while the Recovery athletes are mobilizing. The coach will be leading the mobility, while keeping an eye on the athletes who are still working out. Makes sense?  we could have 3 athletes in recovery and say 4 athletes in regular wod in the same class and that is ok!

10 9 8 7 … to 1 ( recovery day ) and back up for non recovery day

GHD sit ups (divide it up so everyone gets a chance)




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