As part of the Crossfit Pickering Community we know you are all here to have fun, work hard, and compete in the spirit of fair play. Most importantly, we know you have all made a donation to a worthy cause to participate today and for that we thank you for your generosity in helping others in the holiday season.

Here are a few things that will help today move more quickly and efficiently.

  • Decide early who is doing your next few WODS. Leaving decisions to the last minute will slow down the event. Look at the event sheet to determine correct weights and and measures. No sandbagging. If you are an RX athlete, compete at that level…scaled as scaled, and rookie as rookie.
  • Once the athlete is set, one teammate will act as the judge for that event, while the other can be preparing the equipment required for the next event if necessary, or loosening up.
  • Record your scores immediately and accurately following the event on the attached sheet and indicate which athlete does which event. Danielle or I will ask you for your scores between events and rank each teams placing for that event using the 100 point system.
  • In the event that nobody in your group can do the event as shown, and remember I know what most of you can do, you have an option…BURPEES. For example in event two, if your team cannot do a pullup/ring row…you can substitute BURPEES. You may only do this once during the competition. If you have a team that can’t do thrusters or pull-ups, you can do burpees and burpees.
  • Remember, CrossFit athletes are honest, have integrity, and support one another. This is an honour system, we all pride ourselves on competing to the best of our abilities, counting correctly, and not taking shortcuts.

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