I’ve been making Kombucha for a long time.  I thought it would be neat to try something else that is full of good bacteria for the gut. A friend told me about Coconut water kefir, which I started making as well. SO easy!  I tried Milk kefir, which is a zingy yogurt but with much more good bacteria.  If you go to Tiano’s it’s $12 for a jar of Coconut milk kefir.  No way!  That is stupid expensive.

I bought some milk kefir grains ( which you will have to rehydrate)  from : Healing Spirit Nutrition, in Ajax and I have been making Coconut Cream kefir for a few weeks now. It costs me 2.99 for the Coconut Cream. Sure beats $12!

I use SAVOY Coconut cream that I buy at Blue sky.   it has no additives, which is great!


rehydrated Milk Kefir grains

Coconut cream – 1 can

1 tablespoon raw sugar


Put coconut cream and sugar in a clean pasta jar.  Shake it to dissolve the sugar, you can also heat it, stir it, then let it cool to room temp.

Add grains – cover with a cloth to stop bugs and dirt from getting in

Leave in a warm place for 24 hours, strain the grains out and store your kefir in a jam jar in the fridge.  repeat.

Once i’ve made 2 batches of Kefir, I put the kefir creams in milk in a jam jar and put it in the fridge for a few days to revive them.

Start the process again. If you google, you will find tons of info on how to make it.  I really like Cultured Food Life


Squat clean 135/95
Ring Dips


paralette push ups -5 x 4

Advanced – feet on a box and weighted

Scale – PInk band around chest or negatives

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