for those of you dedicated CFP athletes, this is a good one!  It’s called Barbaric for a reason… 🙂

From all of us at CrossFit Pickering, we wish you a wonderful new year!  May 2017 be the year when all your dreams come true!

Make sure you have dreams though, because without dreams nothing much happens.   What are your dreams and goals for 2017?  (Crossfit and not Crossfit related)

I dream of a day when I can do a HSPU!  I need this shoulder to be healthy to do that…  I am not giving up though – It feels like every year that I do CrossFit, I get older but fitter and stronger.  That is something to celebrate!


In teams of 2
5 rounds with 3 minutes rest

20 back squats @ 95/135
30 push press @ 65/95
40 deadlifts @ 95/135
50 calorie row

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