Have you been thinking of giving up sugar?  Join our HUNGER GAMES on monday!  there are still spots left!

Sugar induces the same responses in the region of the brain known as the ‘reward centre’ as nicotine, cocaine, heroin and alcohol. ‘For those of us who don’t reward our existence with a drink, it’s a chocolate bar, a dessert, an ice-cream cone or a Coke (or Pepsi) that makes our day.

It eases pain, seems to be addictive and shows every sign of causing long-term health problems. Is it time to quit sugar for good?

Imagine a drug that can intoxicate us, can infuse us with energy and can be taken by mouth. It doesn’t have to be injected, smoked, or snorted for us to experience its sublime and soothing effects. Imagine that it mixes well with virtually every food and particularly liquids, and that when given to infants it provokes a feeling of pleasure so profound and intense that its pursuit becomes a driving force throughout their lives.

Could the taste of sugar on the tongue be a kind of intoxication? What about the possibility that sugar itself is an intoxicant, a drug? Overconsumption of this drug may have long-term side-effects, but there are none in the short term – no staggering or dizziness, no slurring of speech, no passing out or drifting away, no heart palpitations or respiratory distress. When it is given to children, its effects may be only more extreme variations on the apparently natural emotional rollercoaster of childhood, from the initial intoxication to the tantrums and whining of what may or may not be withdrawal a few hours later. More than anything, it makes children happy, at least for the period during which they’re consuming it. It calms their distress, eases their pain, focuses their attention and leaves them excited and full of joy until the dose wears off. The only downside is that children will come to expect another dose, perhaps to demand it, on a regular basis.

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DEAD LIFT/ BOX JUMP 27-21-15-9

R1: 225/155

R2: 275/185

R3: 305/195

R4; 315/205

strength – bench – you will decrease your weight each time… probably start at around 65% and end at around 40%

X10 REST 1 MIN. x15 REST 2 MIN. x20 REST 3 MIN. x25

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