I have a nerdy tendency to test how outside stimulants affect my body.
It stems from a serious history with illness: I got Lyme disease when I was 12 and have been treated for it and various effects over the years since then. But I also love the idea that you can change things you don’t like about your life with a little hard work and discipline.
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The sweet highs and bitter lows of the ingredient that rules the world
In June, frustrated with an addiction to social media, I went off of it for 40 days. Revitalized by the thrill of facing the real world around me, I launched into a yearlong project I’ve cheekily titled My Year of Abstinence, where I quit a similar habit cold-turkey for a 30- to 90-day challenge and observe how it affects my social interactions, health, and satisfaction with my sense of self.
With the recent hoopla over the dangers of sugar combined with my years of regulating my diet to manage my illness, I figured just cutting out the sweet stuff would be a comparable walk in the park. I primarily eat whole, healthy foods, and my sugar intake comes mostly from fruit, wine, and slivers of Tate’s gluten-free brownies. How hard would it be? So on November 5th, I gave up natural and artificial sugars and alcohol for 30 days

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3 rounds:
Farmer’s carry – long length of gym and back

20 air squats
Farmer’s carry
20 dips
farmers carry
20 Good mornings
Farmer’s Carry
20 Hollow rocks

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