Here is another great video for all scales for HSPU:

and this video just for handstands. This is for all of you practicing some of this stuff already:


As you know DBs will be used in the Open this year.  To practice some of the movements we have programmed some wods this week that use DBs. enjoy!

5 Rounds:

1:00 DB power snatches RX 50/35 – alternating arms.
1:00 Burpee DB Box Step-ups (50/35#)
1:00 Cal Bike
1:00 Rest

Strength: HSPU – 2 x 2 strict, 3 x 3 kipping – work on the kip, work on being upside down.

HUNGER GAMES/EXTRA work for the week:

3 Rounds – minute each: no rest




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