I have recently found this great satirical strength and conditioning blog that takes the piss out of the exercise community with an seemingly high emphasis on Crossfit. I really can’t get enough of it 🙂

The most recent article is about redoing an open WOD… Check it out for a good chuckle.

CrossFit Athlete Fails to Improve 17.4 Score on Third Attempt, Remains Hopeful for Fourth

He sort of hobbled into the gym, and seemed really sad and tired. It was really painful to watch him struggle through the same workout for the third time [Read the rest…]


Linda Has a Ball
Wall Balls 30/20
Med Ball Sit-ups
Med Ball Cleans

Remember, Sundays at 9am are our Olympic lifting class where all our members are welcome to attend. We can help improve your Snatch and Clean & Jerk lifts.

We are always eager to have new people join us 🙂


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