First things first… The WOD:

10 Rounds for Time
9 Thrusters 95/65
35 Double Unders

This weekend marks the end of the Crossfit Open. The workout is one that most of us were pretty sure of the movements. It looks to be a gasser 🙂

Not only will we be hosting the Friday Night Lights tonight, but we are adding in a last minute fundraiser for a family in need.

Our very own Lori knows a family in real need.  I think this weekend we all need to be heroes and help this single mom out!   Starting on Friday Morning at 6 am until Monday night at 6 pm, please donate gas, walmart or grocery cards.

She’s a single Mom and her two boys (one in high school, one in college). She had breast cancer 3 years ago.  It spread to her lungs and she’s been in treatment for the lung cancer for just under a year. She’s just found out that there’s now a spot in her brain. She’s trying to remain optimistic and she will be undergoing further treatment.  She is trying to work as much as she can throughout all of this, commuting from Ajax to her secretarial job downtown. And she misses days due to chemo and other treatments.  She moved into a townhouse/condo last summer (she rents) and her landlord has just put the place up for sale and now she has to move again.

Lori’s friend  is struggling.   I think the CrossFit Pickering family has huge hearts and we can definitely make a small difference in this woman’s life.  What do you say friends?  Can we make 17.5 our own Fundraiser for Lori’s friend?

Be a HERO and donate!


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