Everyone always loves a good Bear Complex (power clean + front squat + push press + back squat + back press) so here is a variant that looks awesome and challenging… Remember,  you can’t drop the bar during sets, so scale the weight appropriately for those of you who might find this a little heavy 🙂


“Grizzly Adams”

5 Bear Complexes (135/95#)
5 Bear Crawls  (2 lengths main gym = 1)
2 CTB Pullups
4 Bear Complexes
4 Bear Crawls
4 CTB Pullups
3 Bear Complexes
3 Bear Crawls
6 CTB Pullups
2 Bear Complexes
2 Bear Crawls
8 CTB Pullups
1 Bear Complex
1 Bear Crawls
10 CTB Pullups

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