Lots of fun today.  Join us for a great little EMOM designed to get your heart rate up and work on pullup strength


EMOM 12 Minutes

Even minutes – 8 Kettlebell Clean and Press 24/16

Odd minutes – 6 Pullups (scale jumping chest to bar pullups)

Scale for athletes can be achieved by decreasing number of reps to allow for rest 


and then a Super Cool Partner WOD that touches all the bases…Power, Strength, Agility, Cardio.  Don’t miss out, its gonna be raining anyway…no yard work, no setting up patio furniture, no taking off the pool cover…so, unless your building an ark, I expect to see your smiling faces

WIth a Partner

4 minutes – Partner A completes 10 power snatches 95/65 while the other stays in plank, then Partner B does the same. Once completed both partners complete synchronized burpees for the remainder of the 4 minutes. Score is number of burpees. Only 1 bar permitted

rest 2 minutes

4 minutes – Rowing alternately for 250 metres while partner completes as many air squats as possible.  Score is total number of squats

rest 2 minutes

4 minutes – Partner A Holds bar in front rack position 135/95 while partner B completes 20 kettlebell swings 24/16. Partners switch places and contnue until time is called. Score is total number of kettlebells


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